People install the webasto sunroof on their cars to allow light and heat from the sunshine and air into their vehicles. It goes a long way in cutting down the fuel used to run the AC, saving money.

You can take care of your trendy sunroof right at home by doing a few of the things listed below:

1. Cleaning

You will need a sponge, an old cloth (preferably soft cotton), or a small soft towel: liquid nonabrasive soap and enough water. You will first need to close the sunroof completely. Using the sponge, gently scrub the glass section with soapy water, ensuring you get into the corners as well.

After scrubbing, pour enough water on the glass to rinse off the soap. Once rinsed, let it dry on its own. Check if any water has leaked into the car. If someone has gotten into the car, use a sealant to seal off the cracks.

Ensures that even rain or water from the car wash doesn’t get in as well. If it keeps on leaking, take it to a mechanic to replace the seals. Might be a tear and wear on the rubber.

2. Greasing Process

Lubricate and grease all moving parts on the sunroof. Ensures all functions run smoothly without getting snagged.

You can use a lubricant that comes in aerosol form. This type releases small amounts of oil and quickly gets into the nooks and crannies

Once the sunroof is open, close it a few times to ensure all parts glide effortlessly. Also, listen for sounds that might indicate some strain. Apply grease again. If you keep hearing the sounds, it’s best to take it to a body shop and have a qualified sunroof expert look at it.

By practicing the above, your sunroof should be able to open smoothly and serve its purpose. If you pack your vehicle in an area exposed to the sun for an extended period, all you need to do is open the sunroof.

If you need extra light, a well-cleaned sunroof will allow plenty of light to stream in.

Outstanding features of a trendy sunroof

Some of the outstanding features of a trendy sunroof:-

  • It has a one-touch button for opening and closing it.
  • The roof automatically closes when the car is switched off.
  • Easy to reset on your own.
  • Not prone to leaking.
  • It has a slider that blocks off excess heat from the sun.
  • Reputable and trustworthy kits.

Steps to manually close your sunroof

Listed below are steps you can use to close your sunroof manually:

  • Release the hold switch.
  • Press it again.
  • While pressing, hold the down arrow button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Open the roof entirely.
  • Press the upward arrow button.
  • A clicking sound indicates the door has manually closed.


Most sunroofs are installed aftermarket. Meaning some vehicles don’t have inbuilt sunroofs from the factory. A good mechanic from a reputable body shop should be the one to install the sunroof.

The installation process cannot be DIY. An expert must do it, ensuring it is leakproof and well placed. A good functioning sunroof is as good as the person who installed it.

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