Skinny tumblers get their name from their slim exterior. Although they work the same as the ones with tapered sides, their style intrigues most users.

Tumblers are primarily for storing cold beverages. It is because they have a stirrer, a straw, and a wide mouth from which you can add ice easily. Although, many users wonder if they are safe for hot liquids. Yes, they are! Both skinny and regular tumblers are safer for hot drinks as well.

Since you trust a skinny tumbler to maintain the best taste of your beverage, you need an apt one. There are countless skinny tumblers in the market. Therefore, we have listed all the mattering characteristics so you can make a good purchase.

Important Considerations When Buying A Skinny Tumbler


Skinny tumblers come in two materials: plastic and stainless steel. Now, it is up to you which one you want. Stainless steel naturally has more durability and maintains the taste better. Skinny plastic tumblers are good, but their lifespan is short. Also, if you are buying a tumbler for hot and cold beverages, it’s best to go with a stainless steel one.


Skinny tumblers are available in different sizes. They have more capacity than travel and coffee mugs. However, it would help if you still had an estimated figure. Typical sizes of skinny tumblers are 20, 30, or 40 oz. You can also look for a bigger tumbler if you need a larger container. However, the portability will decrease as the size increases.


Skinny tumblers come with two lids, plastic ones, and stainless-steel ones. You can choose the plastic cover if you plan only to use your tumbler for cold beverages. However, buying a skinny tumbler with a stainless-steel lid is best because they are also leak-resistant in case of hot liquids.


Some skinny tumblers come with stirrers and straws as well. If you are looking for a more comfortable option buying the one with a straw is a great option. They also provide convenience as you can drink from them while walking, driving, and working without spills.


Lastly, there is the budget. Plastic skinny cups are inexpensive compared to stainless steel ones. So if you have a budget constraint, you can try buying a skinny plastic tumbler, as they are commendable. However, if you want durability over the money, you can pick a skinny stainless-steel tumbler.

What Are the Benefits of a Skinny Tumbler?

Logically, skinny tumblers fall under the category of reusable drinkware and exhibit some distinctive advantages.

Firstly, skinny tumblers reduce plastic waste. As they are reusable, you can easily place them in your bag after emptying them. Also, skinny tumblers use BPA-free materials. They are less prone to bacteria and other microscopic things that accumulate in drinkware over time.

These tumblers feature spill-proof lids and shatterproof bodies. So, they are perfectly safe to carry around. However, a hard drop can damage a plastic cap, so it’s best to buy a steel lid.


Skinny tumblers are great for holding your hot and cold beverages. However, countless lists of products can spin your decisions. Therefore, the above guide discusses all the factors a user needs in a skinny tumbler.

Note that stainless steel skinny tumblers are more durable and damage-resistant than plastic ones. However, they are relatively expensive. So, the best way to buy a skinny tumbler is to maintain a balance in budget and quality. Also, using your skinny tumbler carefully and not dropping it helps increase its life span.

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